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A Brief Guide to Roof Ventilation

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Insulated plastic ventilation pipes on the snowbounded roofA roof is so much more than a simple barrier between you and the outdoors. It is a complicated structure built of several very important layers, and every inch of it is thought out in great detail. The goal is to make sure that it can remain strong while helping you to maintain ideal conditions inside. Without proper roof ventilation, you run the risk of dealing with serious damage to your roof, and raising your heating and cooling costs.

Weather the Weather

In protecting you from the elements, your roof will definitely take a bit of a beating. With proper ventilation, you can actually add years to the lifespan of your roof. Roof ventilation is vital in creating the right conditions for your roof to do its job to the best of its ability.

In the summertime, your roof will really absorb heat, and that heat will be felt even more strongly in your attic. Most people don’t air condition their attic. The prices would be astronomical, and it is basically a lost cause. The problem with an exceptionally toasty attic is that it can make it more difficult to keep the rest of your house cool. A well-ventilated attic will help release some of that stuffy, hot air into the outdoors, and consequently, it will keep your attic a bit cooler. When your attic isn’t cooking in oven-like temperatures, it will reduce the strain on your air conditioning. This, in turn, will cut down the costs of cooling your home, and will give your air-conditioning a longer lifespan.

In the winter, ice dams are your roof’s worst nightmare. These build ups of melted and refrozen water can be incredibly damaging to your roof, and will ultimately create water damage in your attic. In order to prevent them, your roof must have good ventilation. When you heat your home, some of that heat escapes to the roof, and causes ice to melt unnaturally. This is the leading cause of ice dams. A quality roof ventilation system will ensure that this heat is released before the ice has the chance to melt.

Mitigate Moisture

Everyday when you shower, wash dishes, do laundry, or open your windows to a humid climate, moisture builds up. If moisture is allowed to collect under the roof deck, you could have a serious situation on your hands. Moisture can cause roof rot, a condition that will place the stability of your roof in jeopardy. It can also lead to the growth of mosses and mold, and cause metal areas to rust. Proper ventilation will expel any excess moisture and protect your roof from its damaging effects.

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