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Benefits of Properly Ventilated Roofs for Your Ellicott City Home

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Ventilation system for your attic
Although turbine vents are popular among homeowners, they are one of the least effective ventilation systems. So, what kind of vent to you have?

They aren’t necessarily something you see on the top of the houses in Ellicott City, Maryland, but you would definitely notice if your home did not have one. Without roof ventilation systems, our homes would be extremely hot during the summer months. But besides temperatures, what other benefits are there for roof ventilation systems? Let’s take a look!

Lower Temperatures

The average attic can reach a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit during the warm summer months. This can cause heat to build-up in your attic then cross over into other parts of your home including your bedrooms. Proper ventilation removed this build-up and can reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner will use in order to keep your home cool. With proper ventilation, your attic temperature can be reduced up to 40 degrees.

Extended Life

If your attic can reach 160 degrees, what do you suppose the temperature of your roof is? While some material tries to reflect away the sun’s rays, many dark materials actually absorb some of the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, causing your home to heat up. Excessive heat caused by the sun can cause damage to the organic materials used on your roof like wood and asphalt. This heat can actually cause your roof to fail and age prematurely, costing you thousands of dollars and repairs or replacements. But by installing a proper ventilation system, the heat will not linger longer than necessary, extending the life of your roof.

Type of Ventilation Systems

With new building codes being enforced every year, your old ventilation system can quickly become an expensive mistake. Today’s technology has made it easier for residents to avoid costly fines and have new ventilation systems installed. Ridge vents are a long and continuous vent that comes in a roll form and runs the length of your roof. This roll allows the hot air from inside your attic to escape through the ridge. Ridge vent systems replace the use of a single vent to ensure that your attic is evenly and reliably ventilated.  Another ventilation system is a solar powered attic fan. A solar attic fan uses the sun’s energy to ventilate your home instead of heating it up. These fans are installed directly on your roof’s surface where they can be more efficient and are used to pull air out of your home. This means your attic is maintained at a comfortable temperature and your roof will last longer. SmartVent are one of the newest vents on the market today. SmartVent does not affect your home’s curb appeal because they fit seamlessly under your home’s shingles. This vent is designed to provide passive intake ventilation for your home and is used when vents at the eaves, hips, and valley cannot be installed. It comes equipped with fabric weather guard which prevents snow and wind driven rain from entering the opening but allows air to move freely.

There are many different benefits and types of air vents for your Ellicott City home. Don’t let hot air ruin your home and run up your energy bills, choose a ventilation system that will work for you and your home. For more information on installing a new roof ventilation system, call Absolute Home Solutions today!

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