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Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for your Rockville Home

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energy efficient windows
Choosing the right windows can help you with so many aspects of home improvement.

When you choose windows for you home, you shouldn’t just search for the most attractive option on the market. Windows have an important effect on your Rockville home and choosing the right ones can be an involved process. In fact, 87 percent of homeowners say that they wish they had been better informed before choosing windows for their new home. Windows affect more than you may know. They control natural light, ventilation, home value, temperature, and even security. Make the right choice and choose energy efficient windows.

Things to Know

Energy efficient windows do their jobs in several different ways. In most cases, energy efficiency is accomplished through the additions of coatings and films. Low-e coatings are microscopically thin and give your window the ability to control heat transfer from both the inside and the outside. Tinted or reflective glass can help your windows deal with solar radiation, and other glazes filter out different types of light. It’s important to make sure that you know the exact capabilities of whatever new windows you choose.

Air infiltration is another important factor for energy efficiency that is just as important as the glass package you choose. If your windows leak air around the sashes and frames, it doesn’t matter how good your glass package is.  All windows leak some air, but the highest quality windows have an AAMA Gold Label Certification for Air Performance. The higher the number the more air it leaks. At Absolute Home Solutions, our windows have a rating of 0.02. This means they leak an incredibly small amount of air. The industry standard is 0.30.  At that rate, windows leaks approx 24 soda cans of air per minute at this rate, versus 1.6 cans at a .02 rating.  Here are some of the most popular window products and how they stand…Pella, Marvin, Jeld Wen and Andersen, based on their testing, rate at .23 and Alside, Simonton, and Champion are at .15.   Many of our competitors don’t expose this information because they don’t perform as well. Remember that energy efficient glass by itself is not enough. Go with the best

Window Style Matters

  1. Awning windows. This type of window has a hinge at the top and opens toward the outdoors. With this type of window, air leakage will be at a minimum, as in order to close, it has to press against the frame.
  2. Casement windows. Casement windows function similarly to awning windows, but are hinged at the side instead of the top. This creates much the same tight seal.
  3. Fixed windows. As the name suggests, these windows are fixed in place. This creates a completely air tight seal when properly installed. This type of window is great in areas that don’t require much airflow or ventilation.
  4. Hopper windows. This type of window is hinged at the bottom and opens toward the inside of your home. Air leakage rates stay very low, as it closes by pressing the sash against the frame.
  5. Single and Double-Hung. These windows slide vertically up and down. With a double-hung window, both panes slide. A single-hung window only allows the bottom pane to slide. These windows have higher air leakage than others.
  6. Single and Double-Sliding. This type of window slides horizontally rather than vertically but is otherwise very similar to hung windows. Air leakage can also be a problem with this type of window.

Absolute Home Solutions

There are many options on the market, but they are not all created equally. Take the time to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Cheaper is not always the best choice when it comes to replacing your windows. You need windows that won’t just get you through the summer, but ones that will perform at top quality for decades. Even the best windows are useless if they aren’t properly installed. Contact the trusted professionals at Absolute Home Solutions for your window installation.


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