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Is a Door Replacement Needed for Your Great Falls Home?

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Pick the perfect door for your home
What does your door say about your home? “Welcome” or “Go Away”?

Surprisingly, doors are one of the last people think about in terms of replacing things in their home. But if you think about how many times the entry doors in your home get used every day, that fact become even more astounding. With four distinct seasons in Great Falls, Maryland, it is not hard to imagine the beating your door takes from Mother Nature. So how do you know if your entry door needs to be replaced? Before calling an entry door replacement company, there are some things you should ask about your door.

The Tests

The first test is to see if your door opens smoothly. Open and close your door on both dry and humid days. Does the door stick a little on humid days? This could mean that you have gaps in the wood on dry days. This allows air to seep in from outside wasting your energy. The second test is to inspect your door. Do you see any cracking, dents, rust? This could be taken care of temporarily by a coat of paint but the cracks are likely to spread as the seasons change.

The Seasons

If you notice the cold seeping into your home during the winter and the heat creeping in during the summer, this is a sign that you may need an entry door replacement. But try adjusting the spring loaded threshold before calling in an entry door company. If that doesn’t work, call Absolute Home Solutions Inc. for an estimate on an entry door replacement. Another sign that the weather is hitting your door is finding moisture inside the glass panes. Many front doors have double panes of glass that help keep the elements out. But when the seal between the panes fail, moisture, mildew and mold can get between them and start growing. Unlike windows that are made of inorganic material, most doors are made out of organic material like wood so the mold and mildew can spread to the door and frame. This could lead to mold spreading throughout your home as well as health problems and a decrease in property values.


Think of your entry door as the face of your home. This is the first impression people get as they walk up to your house and the first statement you make. Do you really want a door with cracks and mold in it? Or do you want something fresh and beautiful to greet your guests? Curb appeal doesn’t end at the curb. A new entry door can improve your home and make the statement you want it to make.

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