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Flat Roof Restoration in Washington, DC

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Roof Restoration
Having your roof restored is a more cost efficient alternative to fixing your roofing problems.

Like any big city, the hustle and bustle does not escape the business owners of Washington, DC. With so many things to see and do around the city, no one really takes the time to wonder if they should buy a new roof or not until they come back to their building and discover water coming from their ceiling. So what do you do? Call Absolute Home Solutions!

Roof Restoration

Popular amongst residents and businesses alike, flat roofs are easily fixed when a problem occurs. When your flat roof starts leaking, you have the option of buying a costly replacement or calling Absolute Home Solutions for a restoration. Restorations are a cost effective alternative to buying a new roof. Our roof specialists will come to you and assess the damage of your roof. Unlike most many other commonly used roof coatings, our roof restoration products are designed to waterproof your roof not just coat it.  Many other competitors use less quality coating products that crack in a short period of time and do not waterproof the area. Our roof restoration systems are proven to give you best quality, long lasting results without the hassle of smelly, dirty, inconvenient, and costly roof replacements.

Benefits of a Flat Roof Restoration

Our restorations will have your roof looking brand new in no time. Our process forms a waterproof and seamless membrane that will stop the water. Our special coating will not only extend the life of your existing roof, but it will keep out water and provide a long lasting waterproofing. Our restorations are also reflective so your building will be more energy efficient. This means will cut down on the costs of heating and cooling your building. If you are worried about costs, our restorations are nearly half the cost of installing a new roof and your investment will be returned to you within a few years instead of a decade.  It doesn’t matter what type of roofing material your existing roof is, our coatings will work with any material and your roof will be dry in no time!

Contact your roofing contractor

If you have noticed problems with your roof, call Absolute Home Solutions for you flat roof restoration. We offer services for your roof, siding, replacement windows, seamless gutters, and other remodeling services. For more information on any of these services, contact Absolute Home Solutions at 240-328-9872 for a free consultation. You can also connect with Absolute Home Solutions on FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter.