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Improving your Home with an Entry Door

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Door Number Sixteen BostonSo you’ve just moved to a new home in a town where you don’t know anyone. You have started to make a few friends at your workplace, and you want to have them over for dinner and start forming real bonds in your new city. They park in front of your home and the first thing they see is an elaborate and exciting entry door. You’ve just made an incredible first impression and set the scene for many more friendly meet-ups. Your entry door isn’t a make or break addition to your home, but it can certainly help create an inviting atmosphere for guests. There are plenty of options out there, but the entry door that you choose should be a reflection of your home and your personality.

Choosing the right shape

Front doors are no longer just a passageway between the outdoors in your home. All over the country, people are using their front door as a way to garner attention and create excellent curb appeal. This means that traditional triangular doors are considered dated and unoriginal. You can spruce up your entry way with a dramatic rounded top, a broad rectangle with side lights, or double doors. Whichever option you choose should reflect your desired look, and suit the architecture of your home.

Using the right material

Even though the look of your new entry door is important, at the end of the day it still has a job. Your door is meant to keep the outdoors out, and the indoors in. The most common choices are steel, wood, or fiberglass. Steel doors can create an interesting aesthetic, and are typically the cheapest of the options. Unfortunately, steel doors usually require quite a bit of maintenance and have a shorter lifespan. Wood doors are usually the most expensive but are also the most elegant and versatile. In harsh weather, wood may require extra maintenance. Fiberglass or composite doors lack the appeal of hardwood, but require almost no maintenance and are the most durable in the face of the elements.

Jazz it up with creative glass

Your creativity will show through the most in your glass choices. You can choose stained glass and really take customization to the next level. The panes of your entry door can be customized in any number of ways from shape to color to pattern. Glass will create the details of your entry door that really bring it to life.

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