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Replacement and New Windows: What the Difference?

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Replacement versus New Windows
There are some things you should know about the differences between replacement and new windows!

There are two different sides to every argument and when it comes to new windows for your home, there are two clear sides: replacement or new windows. While most people use these words interchangeably when talking about the windows in their home, they are actually quite different. So how are they different? Read on to find out!

The Terminology

Replacement windows, also called retrofit windows, are usually installed into pre-existing window openings. New windows, also called new construction windows, are designed for homes that are under construction or for homes that want a different type of window where the old ones were. But what makes these two things so different is not the way they are installed, but what is installed.

The Physical Differences

There are quite a few differences between replacement and new windows. Replacement windows are designed so the contractor doesn’t have to remove the exterior materials, like vinyl siding, from your home. These windows are measured to fit into the existing opening perfectly and are specially ordered to fit in your home seamlessly. Because these windows essentially slide into place, it keeps your home from being damaged, saves time on the installation, and saves money. New windows are generally installed in a brand-new home, in an addition, or when the studs of the home are exposed. The new construction windows have a component called a nail fin frame, meaning these windows need to be nailed directly to the frame. These windows should be considered these windows is when you are replacing the siding or a wall, or if the studs or frame were damaged by mold or rot.

The Cost Difference

In general, replacement windows are the cheaper option. Although new construction windows are cheaper in the store, the cost of reconstructing the window opening and replacing the interior and exterior walls will increase the overall price. However, if you are building a wall in your home, new construction windows may be a better option because it will give you a choice of size and shape.

Replacement and new construction windows are two very different terms describing very different processes and materials. For more information on Absolute Home Solutions installing your replacement windows, call us today!

Replacement and New Windows with Absolute Home Solutions

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