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Your Roof Can Make or Break your Home’s Curb Appeal  

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The Village GreenWhen you pass by a home with a roof in disrepair, what do you think? The home looks inexpensive, unsafe, uninhabited and generally unappealing. A well maintained roof can go a long way in building up your home’s curb appeal.

Why does curb appeal matter?

Your roof makes up a significant portion of the exterior of your home. Though its purpose is almost entirely functional, choosing a roofing material and style that enhance the look of your property can be psychologically and financially beneficial.

When your roof is in good repair the value of your home goes up and it becomes more attractive to potential buyers. A tidy roof lends to the perception of your home as safe, strong and sturdy. This is important if you are selling, but it is also important if you are not. Your home should be a positive space that offers you stability, and a new or well maintained roof can help you create this feeling.

How do I know if my roof needs a boost?

Most people don’t wait for decay, mold and leaks to replace their roof. Even if your roof seems decent enough, a bright new roof could be doubly beneficial. In replacing or repairing your roof you will find that your home is better protected from the elements. On top of that though, you will see a visual difference when you spruce up your old roof. Don’t wait for major problems to occur before you consider roof replacement. Newer roofs are easier to keep tidy and can provide an old home with a much needed style makeover.

Take a step back and look at your roof as if you were a neighbor strolling by. Do you see any rusting? Do you notice any areas where shingles are missing or cracked? Does your roof look old and make your home seem dated and unkempt? What state are your gutters in? These simple questions can help you determine both the health of your roof, and the perception your roof creates of your home.

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Whether you roof just needs slight repairs or you need to replace it altogether, the professionals at Absolute Home Solutions can help you avoid damage and shape up the curb appeal of your home. With a wide variety of materials and styles, you can tailor your roof to suit the personality of your home and showcase that to the entire neighborhood. Call 240-328-9872 for a free estimate, or connect with Absolute Home Solutions on FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter.