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Roofing How-To: Snow Removal

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roof-snow-removalWhen that sassy little groundhog predicted six more unfortunate weeks of freezing temperatures and hefty snowfall, he wasn’t lying. Your dim days of valiantly battling snowy streets and saving innocent roofs aren’t yet over, but an end is in sight. Many a strong and sturdy roof has been defeated in this lengthy struggle against such a formidable snow foe. Left to defend itself, your roof will be dealing with a serious David and Goliath situation. You could push your roof to prove itself, or you could come to its rescue by following these snow removal tips.

Why do I need to remove snow from my roof?

You’ve probably made it safely through plenty of winters without practicing consistent snow removal. To put it bluntly, you’ve been lucky. For whatever reason, the stars never aligned, and you have been able to successfully avoid the perfect storm of dense snow on a weak roof. One day, your luck will come crashing down. Literally. Your best line of defense is to be proactive. You do not want to find yourself standing in the cold with nothing to do but stare at a destroyed roof, lost personal items, and thousands of dollars down the drain.

How do I protect my roof?

There are two basic tools that can assist you in safe snow removal. Both can be purchased at your local home improvement store, and depending on the height of your roof, you’ll be able to use both from the ground.

If your area really got pummeled with some significant snowfall, you’ll want to start this chilly job with a roof rake. This is basically a mini aluminum plow attached to an extendable arm. A roof rake is the ideal tool for removing the bulk of snow from your roof. The trick here is, if you scrape down to your shingles, you run the risk of causing damage to your roof. This is where a snow broom comes in handy. The principle here is the same. A snow broom is as simple as it sounds. It is basically a push broom attached to an extendable arm. This tool will help you safely remove those last few inches of snow from your roof. In fact, if you’re dealing with relatively light snowfall, you can skip the roof rake and go straight to the snow broom.

If that sounds like a lot of work, or you don’t think your aching back can handle all of that activity, you have the option of hiring professionals to do the job. They’ll have their own tools and will do a thorough job.

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