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Roofing Report: A Homeowner’s Guide to Hail Damage

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Hail can cause serious damage to your roof. Make sure you’re prepared to get the help you need to make repairs.

The biggest threat to your roof is weather. The entire purpose of your home’s roof is to keep the indoors protected from the elements, and as such, it’s bound to sustain some damage in the face of a nasty hail storm. For residents of towns like Chevy Chase, Maryland, hailstorms are no stranger, especially this time of year. When your roof gets pounded by a hard-hitting hail storm, insurance can help you with repair of damages. It’s important to take the proper steps in filing your hail damage insurance claim.

Hail Damage

When a hailstorm hits, your roof is at risk and there aren’t many ways for you to protect it. Often times, the hail damage that occurs is minor enough that it doesn’t cause immediate leaking. While this doesn’t constitute an emergency, it is still necessary to fix the damage. Future storms can aggravate the damage, and it weakens the general stability of your roof. Other times, if the hail is big enough and strong enough, it can cause immediate leaks. This can lead to severe water damage, and it’s important that you fix the issue quickly.

After the Storm

Documentation is the best route to a successful insurance claim. After the storm, take pictures and make a list of potential damage. Walk around your property and take photographs of things like hail coverage on the ground. Place a hailstone next to a ruler or tape measurer and take a picture to document the size. This can be particularly instrumental in getting help from your insurance company, as the size of the hail is often a good indication of the severity of damage. If you notice any obvious damage to your roof, be sure to document that as well. Make sure to have your roof inspected by a professional to get a better idea of the extent of any damage.

Filing a Claim

Armed with photo evidence and an expert roofing opinion, you can file a claim with your insurance agency. Contact your homeowner’s insurance adjuster, and provide your organized information when you file a claim. They may send out a secondary roofing professional to assess your roof’s damage.

Dealing with Roof Damage in Chevy Chase

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