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Siding for Your Arlington County Home

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Siding options for your Arlington County Home
With a wide variety of siding options, your Arlington County, VA home will be well insulated and beautiful in no time!

There are several types of sidings to choose from for your siding installation, but what siding is right for your Arlington County, Virginia home? Let’s explore some options for your Arlington County home!

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Also known plainly as “insulated” siding, this siding is made from vinyl with the added benefit of insulation. This insulation is glued inside of the siding. Another type of insulation uses a foam core and is manufactures to fit the shape of the vinyl siding. This insulation is not fixed to the siding but is left as a separate piece. This siding creates a straight line unlike other types of siding. It can be used on irregularly shaped walls and helps to reduce the noises outside of your home. Another advantage of this insulated siding is the insulation itself. It will help to keep warmth and coolness inside your home. It does cost more than traditional vinyl siding but is worth the cost because of the energy efficiency. This siding can be cleaned with an annual wash of soap and water. It should not be pressure or power washed.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is actually wood fibers mixed with sand and cement. It is a much thicker siding option and can withstand harsh weather conditions like hail and gale force winds. This material is very stable and doesn’t contract and expand like other siding materials. This material can be painted to give your home another aesthetic appeal. This siding is also not susceptible to termites and other bugs that can ruin other siding options. Fiber cement siding is highly water resistant and incombustible in extreme temperatures. One disadvantage to this siding it the weight of the material. Fiber cement siding is one of the heaviest materials and is costlier than other siding options. It is mostly maintenance free but it is recommended you repaint your siding every 15 to 20 years or as needed. It is also made out of at least 10 percent recycled materials with same brands going as high as 20 percent.

Cedar Wood Siding Installations

Cedar wood siding is known for its unique wood grains. This wood is straight, rot and split resistant, and can be customized with different staining options. Unlike other wood siding options, this material is swelling resistant and is less prone to cupping. This wood is naturally more moisture and insect resistant than other types of wood but must be treated in order to keep these qualities. It must be sealed and stained or painted in order to resist moisture, damage, and decay.

There are several different types of siding to choose from for your Arlington County home. When considering your options, speak with your Absolute Home Solutions Siding Contractors about what siding is right for your home!

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