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Siding Spotlight: Fiber Cement Siding for your Potomac Home

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fiber cement siding potomac
In the process of building a home in Potomac? Consider fiber cement siding as your best option.

When you’re having a new home built in Potomac, or you want to improve the home you’ve lived in for years, you’ll have plenty of choices to make. One important decision that will surely come your way is what siding to use. Siding serves the primary function of waterproofing your home, but it also must look great. In addition to serving a functional purpose, siding is important in creating the right amount of curb appeal. You’ll have several siding options to choose from, but fiber cement is quickly growing in popularity and shouldn’t be overlooked. Fiber Cement siding is a versatile option, and has a return on investment of 87 percent.

The Details

Fiber cement is made of water, wood pulp, filler like fly ash or sand, and cement. The dry ingredients are mixed together, and when water is added, the magic happens. Water causes the wood pulp to dissolve and activates the cement, allowing the mixture to harden. The resulting material is tough and durable like cement, but retains the flexible properties of wood pulp. This allows it to adjust well to temperature changes. Because this product is highly engineered, it can be easily transformed. Fiber cement siding can be made to look like almost any other product, and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Fiber Cement Maintenance

When it comes to siding, maintenance is always an issue. With fiber cement siding, you won’t have to put in much effort at all. Each spring, add cleaning your siding to your to-do list, but don’t worry about spending too much time on the job. In order to maintain clean and sparkling fiber cement siding, simply hose it down. If you really want to make your siding look great, use a light detergent on stained or especially dirty areas. Aside from that, fiber cement maintains its functionality for a great deal of time with nearly no maintenance.


Fiber cement can be tailored to perform well against the climate of almost any specific region, including Potomac. Whether you’re worried about fire damage, you live by the sea, or your area is prone to deep freezes, fiber cement can hold up. More importantly, all fiber cement products have a few things in common: they are moisture resistant, fire resistant, and pest resistant. This means that you will easily avoid mold and rot, melting due to fire, and issues with pecking birds or hungry insects.

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