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Skylights: Let the Light In

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modern attic apartment with skylightHow many times have you walked into a home and admired the calm and serenity created by an abundance of natural light? Light bulbs can create the necessary illumination you need to go about your daily life, but nothing can warm up a home and make it feel cozy like some mid-day sun rays. If the windows in your home just aren’t letting in the sun quite like you envisioned, consider adding a skylight. These beautiful additions let in the sunshine, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Energy Efficiency

When you have a skylight installed in your home, you make great strides in improving its overall energy efficiency. At Absolute Home Solutions, we exclusively use top end products to ensure that your home’s energy use benefits as a result. Skylights reduce the need for electric light sources, as they allow you to rely on natural sunlight longer and more completely. This will benefit your energy bill, but it will also aid the environment as a whole. Sunlight is an unlimited resource and it does not rely on harmful emission-causing fossil fuels to function. Skylights are a widely recognized “green” home feature, and when you make use of one, you’ll receive a tax credit.

Health Benefits

The sun’s rays can do a lot more than just brighten your day. The presence of natural light has been linked to quicker recovery from surgeries and illnesses, lower levels of stress, and a lower incidence of depression. Sunlight can improve your mood drastically, and its full spectrum light is much easier on your eyes. With less stress on you vision, you will see fewer headaches and a drop in fatigue. In general, humans are outdoor creatures, and being cooped up in front of a screen in a dimly lit room just isn’t ideal for us. Skylights can bring the outdoors into your home and brighten your mood.


Windows may be a wonderful source of light and fresh air, but they also allow nosy neighbors and passersby to peak into your home and your personal life. This is especially problematic if you live on a busy street, or if your home is situated close to your next door neighbor. You may find yourself keeping your blinds closed, and when you do this, you shut out natural light as well. Skylights offer the perfect solution. You’ll get all of the benefits of a window, with a great deal more privacy.

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Adding a skylight to your home is a wonderful choice. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits, or you’d like more information on skylight installation, contact Absolute Home Solutions at 240-328-9872 for a free consultation. You can also connect with Absolute Home Solutions on FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter.