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The Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roofing

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Synthetic slate roofing
Synthetic slate roofing just might be for you if you’re looking for functionality and beauty.

When you’re choosing your roofing material, a lot of factors come into consideration. You’ve got to consider your budget, your desired look, and what you want out of your roof. Some options are inexpensive, others are low maintenance, and some provide a specific look that you want. Slate roofing is often thought of as one of the most beautiful options on the market. It gives your home an unbeatable look of elegance, but it can cost a small fortune, and can require a bit of extra maintenance. If you’re not looking to make the financial investment that goes along with a slate roof, but you’re dying to have that elegant look, consider the benefits of synthetic slate.

If it’s not slate, what is it?

Synthetic slate isn’t really slate at all. It is a mixture of plastic and rubber that is injection molded into metal forms that are created to mimic real slate without the weight and expenses. Synthetic slate is often made out of recycled materials, while others use virgin plastic and rubber. Either way, the finished product is completely recyclable. The main takeaway here is that synthetic slate is much lighter than real slate. This makes all the difference because true slate is quite heavy. Most homes are not built to withstand the amount of weight that goes along with real slate roofing, and must be altered with additional structural support. This alone can be an expensive project. With synthetic slate, this isn’t a concern.

Other benefits

Synthetic slate manufacturers have achieved a level of versatility that real slate can’t quite match. Real slate has a distinctive and beautiful look, but its synthetic alternative can be more easily tweaked to fit the style of your home. It comes in a wide palette of shades, and can be produced in varying sizes and shapes. This means that for a fraction of the price, you’ll get the look of slate, but it will be tailored to your specific vision.

Another benefit of synthetic slate is its durability. Both slate and synthetic slate are very durable, but the synthetic option has a bit of an edge. During the manufacturing process, most shingles are equipped with UV and impact protection, ensuring that they will stand up to the elements better than real slate. In fact, most manufacturers include a 50-year warranty when you purchase synthetic slate. Not only will they withstand the elements, but synthetic slate shingles and shakes are energy star rated, meaning they will also help your heating and cooling systems deal with the elements. With a synthetic slate roof, you’ll save on energy costs.

Synthetic slate roofs are also maintenance-free, which will save you money in the long run. Traditional authentic slate is beautiful, but even the highest quality slate will likely need some sort of maintenance over its lifetime.

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