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Weather Barrier Seamless Roof Systems in Bethesda

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seamless flat roof system
A seamless flat roof system can protect your flat roof from weather.

Leaks can be one of the biggest issues you’ll deal with when you are the owner of a Bethesda home or commercial property with a flat or low-sloped roof. Water can pool easily, and materials like concrete, metal, and rubber are not well equipped to withstand the elements on their own. With a seamless roof system, you’ll be able to protect your roof, industrial or commercial equipment or structures, and holding tanks from the dangers of a wet Bethesda environment.

What is a seamless roof system?

When you employ the technology of a Weather Barrier seamless roof system, your roof or equipment will be protected by a liquid applied waterproof membrane. When “painted” onto your water holding tank or metal roof, this membrane will adhere in one, even layer with no seams. This eliminates the likelihood of leaks, and is beneficial to your structure in many other ways as well.  The product offers the latest and greatest in roofing and waterproofing for flat or low-sloped projects.

What are the benefits?

Leak Protection. Whether you have existing leaks or you want to prevent future ones, a Weather Barrier seamless roof system will help you. Seamless roof systems protect your roofing material from the dangers of pooling water. By sealing off the most likely points of water leakage, you’ll stop damage from getting worse of continuing. On top of that, because they are fully adhered, seamless roof systems don’t allow water to gather underneath them.

Extended Roof Life. Without superior weather protection, you could end up needing a roofing replacement sooner than you expected. Heavy rainfall, strong winds, and acidic rain can all have an effect on your metal, rubber, BUR, and TPO roofs, as well as your industrial and commercial equipment. A seamless roof system can protect your commercial property from damage, and help prevent the need for replacement. Applying a seamless roof system is much more cost effective than having your entire roof replaced.

Lower Energy Bills. Weather Barrier systems are energy star rated roofing systems for a reason. They can cut the costs of your monthly energy bill by reducing radiant heat. Many flat roofing materials are greatly affected by extreme heat and extreme cool. Seamless roofing systems help to keep your roof at an optimal temperature, thus lowering your energy bills and raising your savings

Seamless Roof Systems in Bethesda

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