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What is TPO?

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TPO Flat Roofing Material
TPO is just one of many thermoplastic materials available on the market. But what makes this flat roofing material so popular?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is just one of many thermoplastic materials available on the market. The unique feature of these materials is their ability to be repeatedly softened by heat and hardened when cooled. One of the most rapidly growing commercial roofing membranes on the market today, TPO has grown more than 40 percent of the installed square footage in the past seven years across the U.S. But what is TPO and why is it so popular among commercial and residential property owners?

What is TPO Made of?

Similar to other commercial roofing materials like PVC and EPDM, TPO is a mix of polypropylene-based plastic and ethylene propylene rubber. This plastic and rubber blend enables TPO membranes to be durable and flexible even when it is in lower temperatures of the east coast winters. Unlike other roofing material, TPO remains naturally flexible even after it is installation. The average TPO sheet ranges in width from six feet to 12 feet and is typically 40 to 100 millimeters thick. In order to achieve the perfect seal, flat roof contractors use heat-welding technology to seam up your roof and protect it from water damage.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

One of the main benefits of TPO are the additives in the material. Unlike other roofing material, TPO is white in color, giving your roof the advantage of being UV ray reflective. Not only does this mean the material will last longer than darker material, but it can also mean energy efficiency for your business or home. The white reflective membrane of TPO even meets the criteria for ENERGYSTAR and other environmental programs in your area. TPO is also made with heat and fire resistant materials to make your roofing last longer. Heat stabilizers help to reduce heat degradation that can be caused after installation. Fire retardants like magnesium hydroxide provide TPO with fire resistance without impacting the UV reflective properties or harming the environment. One of the biggest benefits of this roofing is the ability to refinish it. Unlike other materials, Absolute Home Solutions is about to refinish your TPO roofing system for you, refreshing it to last another 10 to 20 years after its original lifetime. After this roofing has served its purpose, TPO can be recycled with other plastics, making it an environmentally responsible purchase for your home or business.

This material has many benefits for your home or business. So why not go with something that is energy efficient, well made, and could even earn you money? Call Absolute Home Solutions today for your TPO installation!

TPO Roofing with Absolute Home Solutions

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