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Why should I Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows?

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window-replacement-benefitsAn older home can have a lot of charm. From crown molding to original hardwood floors, many people are fans of the character that comes with living in homes build long ago. Though original windows can be interesting to look at, they can also be tough to live with. Over the course of your home’s lifetime, window technology has made incredible improvements and revolutionized the world of home improvement. Instead of dealing with drafty windows, invest in energy efficient windows.

Energy savings

The most significant benefit of energy efficient windows is the amount of money you’ll save on heating and cooling your home. Single-paned windows that sit in their original frames are not great at keeping out the outdoors. During brutal winters and massive heat waves, you’ll find that your windows are causing you to hemorrhage money.

During the summer, the bright sun shining through your windows can be entirely detrimental to your cooling efforts. You want to enjoy the sunshine without placing a burden on your air conditioning. Newer low-e coated windows can make that happen. The coating rejects the suns rays, but doesn’t darken the glass.

In the winter months your heater works overtime to keep your home nice and warm. Your old windows constantly sabotage these efforts. With only one pane of glass between you and the cold outdoors, you will see an impressive increase in heating expenditures. Newer windows employ gaps filled with gases like argon, and multiple panes to help block heat loss and create warmer windows. Frame technology has also improved, creating fewer gaps and leaks between the outdoors and you.

Other benefits

  • Energy efficient window replacements have the added benefit of dampening outside noise. The extra panes and coatings act as an extra buffer between the loud sounds of a bustling city and your peaceful home.
  • When you purchase new windows, you will see the benefit of security advances. It is much tougher to break into windows with multiple panes and sophisticated locking systems.
  • Low-e glass can help shield your furniture and flooring from fading. If allowed to pass freely, harmful sun rays can fade and age your coaches and rugs over time. Low-e coatings block these rays and halt the damage.

Contact your roofing professionals

There are many options on the market, but they are not all created equally. Take the time to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Cheaper is not always the best choice when it comes to replacing your windows. You need windows that won’t just get you through the summer, but ones that will perform at top quality for decades. Even the best windows are useless if they aren’t properly installed. Contact the trusted professionals at Absolute Home Solutions for your window installation.

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