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Window Cleaning Tips for Spring Home Improvement

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window cleaning
Window cleaning is a simple thing to add to your spring cleaning list.

Spring cleaning lists can be exhausting to look at, but when you finally check off all of your boxes, you’ll be ready for summer and you’ll feel quite accomplished. One thing you shouldn’t forget come spring cleaning time is your windows. It’s important to add window cleaning to your list, because this simple job will keep your house looking great, alert you to potential problems with your windows, and allow you to keep your windows functioning well through the upcoming seasons. If you are new to the deep window cleaning game, check out this guide to making window cleaning simple.

Clean Screens Scream Spring

Your screens are the protectors of your windows, so naturally, they come under quite a deal of fire during the fall and winter months. Between wind, snow, cold, and ice, quite a bit of dirt and everyday grime can really pile up. This doesn’t just look unappealing, it can also speed up the process of decay and make screens brittle, forcing you to buy new screens sooner than you may have expected. Fortunately, screen cleaning is an exceptionally easy task. With water alone, you’ll have them looking great and ready for spring and summer. Simply remove your screens and spray them off with a hose. This process makes the cleanup of the cleanup easy as well. If your screens need a little bit of extra attention, bring them inside and rinse them off with warm water from your shower or sink. You can add a small amount of a cleaning agent as well.

Painless Pane Purification

The real star of the show here is windows, and even though screens are important, your windows are truly important to maintaining a healthy home. Cleaning the inside of your windows is simple. With some cleaner and an old newspaper, your panes will be sparkling, but be sure to clean the rest of your window as well. If you’re windows are easy to clean from the indoors, you’re one of the lucky few that won’t need to climb up a ladder to scrub the outside of their windows. A few minutes on a ladder may be troublesome, but the task is simple and can be completed quickly and safely. You should also take special care to clean the nooks and crannies of your window frames to ensure that they stay healthy and improve your home’s curb appeal. They may even need a fresh coat of paint or varnish.

Window Replacement with Absolute Home Solutions

While you’re giving your windows a good sprucing, be sure to pay attention to their condition. Notice any draftiness, cracks, or spots that are impossible to truly clean. Inspect your window sashes. These are the areas of your window where they open and close. If they are not easy to operate, it may be time to replace those old windows with new ones that open smoothy. If you notice that your windows simply aren’t up to par, Absolute Home Solutions can help you make the jump to investing in beautiful, energy-efficient replacement window.

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