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Window Replacement with AHS
Older homes are not equipped with energy efficient windows. To save money, consider a window replacement with Absolute Home Solutions!

There is so much to love about your Washington, DC home but also some things that could change about it. Older homes like the ones in DC have been known to be less energy efficient than newer homes. One of the main culprits of this energy loss is the old windows. They allow heat to seep into the house and cold air to flow out. But how can new windows help?

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

There are several different signs that your home needs new windows. If you have noticed heated glass during the summer or if your glass is cold during the winter then it is probably time for a replacement. Another sign you need new windows is cracking or rotting in the frame or panes. The last sign is condensation between your window panes.

Benefits of New Windows

With a window replacement from Absolute Home Solutions, you windows will not only provide you with the energy assistance you need but will also add so many things to your home. New windows will not only increase your energy efficiency, but will increase the security of your home as well. With increased home security, your insurance company could offer you savings that were otherwise not applied to your home. Newer windows are also thicker and will help quiet the noise of the Washington, DC streets. This would be perfect for those early nights you have been lying awake wishing your neighbor would go to bed too. Did you know that new windows can earn you a tax credit? You can receive up to a $500 tax credit for your new energy efficient windows.

Why Choose Energy Efficient Windows?

When shopping for new appliances, fixtures, or windows, you may notice the “Energy Star” logo and rating at the top of the item. But what exactly is Energy Star and what does it have to do with windows? Energy Star means it was rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC will test the item in questions and rate them based on several factors. They are the U-Factor, which measures the rate of heat transfer; Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which measures the fraction of solar energy transmitted and tells how well the product blocks the heat from the sun; Visible Transmittance, which measures the amount of light let in; Air Leakage, which measures the rate air can pass through the window joints; and Condensation Resistance, which measures how well the window resists water build-up. Overall, energy efficient will save you month on your heating and cooling costs.

With Absolute Home Solutions, your home will be saving money in no time. Windows benefit our homes in many ways, from saving us energy to giving us the benefit of natural light. So shouldn’t you consider a new view with your new windows?

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