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Winter Siding Inspection

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Winter Siding Damage

It’s really easy to take our warm homes for granted during the winter months. It’s even easier to not even think about checking your home’s exterior for damage when it’s cold outside. It’s much easier to stay inside where it’s warm and dry, but is your home hiding a problem that’s getting bigger every day? Damage to your siding can be an easy and inexpensive fix if caught early. Damage to your home’s siding doesn’t just occur during storms. Damage can be extensive depending on the type of siding you have on your home. 

Homeowner Visual Inspection

As a homeowner, you should do a visual inspection during the winter months to look for:

  1. Cracks 
  2. Warping 
  3. Splitting
  4. Gapping
  5. Pest Infestation 
  6. Expansion
  7. Discoloration

Any spots where siding is cracked, warped, split or gapping is a possible entry for water. Pest infestation isn’t just insects. Woodpeckers are just one wildlife example of a pest that can wreak havoc on a home’s exterior. Wood siding is more prone to insects and woodpeckers. If you notice any of these signs or have any hail damage from a storm, contact our team immediately. Don’t wait for warmer weather. Even a small amount of water behind your siding can lead to a larger problem, possibly even causing foundation damage and/or water damage to your interior. 

Absolute Home Solutions Winter Siding Inspection

Our Winter Siding Inspections cover every inch of siding on your home. We know catching a problem early is key. No matter what type of siding your home has, you should have a professional contractor perform a professional exterior inspection towards the end of winter. Our technicians can locate and find obvious and hidden damages leftover from winter by performing a full siding inspection. Of course, if you notice damage anytime during the year, you can contact Absolute Home Solutions for the best service and honest pricing, always. Give us a call today to schedule your Winter Siding Inspection.