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Leaky Roof? 5 Quick Fixes to Tide You Over

Whether you have a big or small leak, a leaky roof can be irritating for a wide variety of reasons. Not only can it damage the interior of your home and belongings, but it can also be a source of constant stress. However, you may not be able to address the issue right away due […]

Is Metal Roofing A Good Choice For Your Project?

Many homeowners go years without thinking about the condition of their roof or whether they should invest in a new one. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time to invest in roof replacement or roof repair! Following a storm or any other major event that affects your home, if […]

The Top 5 Decking Trends of 2022

As the weather starts to cool down and homeowners enter the fall season, there’s no better way to transition into more comfortable weather than by updating your deck! Decks serve as an amazing place to host dinners, game nights, and other social gatherings during the fall. Not only will these deck updates improve the hosting […]

When is the Time to Hire an Expert for Your Home Construction Project?

We Love This Question!  Well this is a fun question! And the answer is: At the Beginning! We love a great DIY project, truly! As home repair specialists, that’s kinda how we got started…I mean, after the whole Army Reserves training to build and repair things in wartime or storm ravaged cities, we learned a […]

How to Find the Right Storm Repair Contractor

Absolute Home Solutions – How to find a Storm Repair Contractor When storm damage happens to your home, you are put in a very vulnerable position. We started Absolute Home Solutions in 2001 to help people. Our owner, Steve Holmes, has a love for building and repairing structures. He found that passion while serving in […]

How To Maintain and Protect Your Home’s Siding

Absolute Home Solutions At Absolute Home Solutions, we’re more than just home improvement contractors. We want to help you take care of your home and in many cases that means educating homeowners on the parts and pieces that make a house a home. We’ve been upgrading, remodeling, repairing and installing new roofs and siding on […]

Winter Siding Inspection

Absolute Home Solutions  For over 21 years, at Absolute Home Solutions, we have been working with our customers to provide the best products and services with the most reasonable prices to make your home new again. From roofing to siding, decks & windows. We help you protect what’s most valuable in your home.  Winter Siding […]

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

While most homeowners choose vinyl or wood siding for their home, other homeowners want to choose a siding option that will make their home stand out from the rest. If you want a siding that will help your home be unique, you should consider fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is made up of cement, […]